Elle Jaye Is Pretty Awesome and I Suck At Blogging

I am new to this whole blogging thing but I was inspired to do so by Miss Lauren Elle Jaye. She's pretty rad. 

Where to start? Well... A lot is going and I am currently writing  an album I will be recording/producing. Hopefully it comes out well, since it is all Fingerstyle album and you know I am also new to that. Hopefully that should be done around January or so.

I have been trying to find time to make this website (Squarespace is amazing!) finish the recordings and make new videos. So hopefully it will all come together soon. I am still getting a grip on my home rig for recording both audio and video.

But I digress the reason I wanted to post in the first place is because in taking this solo endeavour I have met some wonderful people and Lauren is one of them. She took some lovely photos and said some really nice things about me, and in truth she's pretty rad herself so I think she deserves some much overdue respects as well. So without further adieu here is the link to her blog which she has kindly written about me.

Thank you Lauren!